Gail Baird Entrepreneur Scholarship

Gail Baird Entrepreneur Scholarship

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The Gail Baird Entrepreneur Scholarship was established by Eric Baird in honor of his mother, Gail Baird. The Gail Baird Foundation strives to perpetuate Gail's dreams, never-give-up spirit, and empowerment to smile in the face of seemingly relentless adversity. As an Army wife she lived and traveled all over the world. An adventurous by-product of insatiable curiosity and a nomadic life, she possessed an ardor for exploration and global culture and, over the course of visiting more than 70 countries, expressed her most happiness whilst connecting with all people of the world. This scholarship is for students of the University who are full or part-time, at the junior, senior or graduate academic level, pursuing an Entrepreneurship major or minor, in any college, on any campus. This scholarship can be awarded two semesters. Preference will be given to female students.

$5,000 - $25,000

No, the scholarship is not renewable

No, the scholarship does not require FAFSA