Herdfunder application

USF Crowdfunding Application and Project Plan

Are you a registered student organization?
If not a student organization, has the leadership in your division (i.e. Dean, Vice President) approved of this project?
Do you know if the division/unit represented by your project has assigned Foundation support? (i.e. Development Officer)
If applicable, have you discussed this project with the Foundation staff member?
Is there a Foundation fund account already established for this project?
Does the project launch date coordinate with an activity or event? *
Are you and your team willing and able to commit at least 20 minutes each day to promote your project via emails and social media?
Do you have images on hand and available to be used for this project?
Does your group have the ability to record a 2-minute (or shorter) video describing the project?
Does your group have the ability to write the project description and other web page content?
Will he/she be a Featured Project Owner on HerdFunder page? *
Our project team will provide all needed campaign content to the Office of Annual Giving and adhere to all deadlines established for the project timeline.
During the duration of the campaign, our project team and any others associated with our project will NOT launch any crowdfunding efforts on competing platforms (i.e. GoFundMe).
Our project team agrees to carry out the marketing plan established for the project to ensure our HerdFunder project is a success.