Dr. Kathleen Moore FACULTY Excellence AWARD 

Our Faculty Excellence Award Program recognizes faculty research excellence in 6 separate award categories, each receiving a $5,000 research grant: 

  • 3 Institution-based Faculty Excellence Awards
    • 1 award per USF System Institution - USF Tampa, USF St. Petersburg and USF Sarasota-Manatee
    • Faculty members who hold a regular tenure-track appointment at an institution within the USF System at the level of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor.
  • 1 USF Junior Faculty Excellence Award
    • Faculty members who hold a regular, tenure-track appointment at an institution within the USF System at the level of Assistant Professor.
  • 1 Instructor Award
    • Non-tenured teaching faculty within the USF System at the level of Instructor I, II, or III.
  • 1 Valerie D Riddle, MD Award in Health
    • Faculty members who hold a regular tenure-track appointment within USF Health (Morsani College of Medicine, College of Nursing, College of Public Health, School of Physical Therapy, School of Biomedical Sciences, College of Pharmacy) at the level of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor pursuing research in any topic related to women’s health.

To be considered, all applicants must submit an electronic packet including the following sections (please ensure responses are written in 12 point font and double spaced):

  • Section 1: Complete and sign cover page. Download Here 

  • Section 2: Discuss the impact, importance and meaning of one's research and creative scholarship as it relates to women and women’s issues within the university and beyond.  (500 words or less)

  • Section 3: Share how you plan to use the $5,000 award. (500 words or less)

  • Section 4: List your contributions to women through teaching, scholarship, professional associations, volunteerism, leadership activities and institutional welfare.

  • Section 5: Demonstrate activity in scholarly presentations at professional conferences, associations, and learned societies and disseminates current knowledge to students.

  • Section 6: Provide a letter of nomination describing the nominee's overall achievement and its significance from a department chair or institute/center/program director with an endorsement by the dean.

  • Section 7: Include short Vitae and any additional materials of support. (Maximum 5 pages)

The application packet must be submitted by February 22, 2019 to be considered for the 2019 USF WLP Faculty Excellence Award Program. Please send your PDF application packet via email to wlp(at)usf.edu.

Application process:

  •  Application must be for a single individual, joint/team applications are not accepted.
  • Assistant Professors may apply for the institutional-based award, the USF System award, and the Valerie D Riddle, MD Award in Health. Applicants will be awarded in a single category.
  • The Dr. Kathleen Moore Faculty Excellence Award is an equal opportunity award, although preference will be given to female candidates.
  • Past applicants must reapply for consideration. 

2018 Faculty Research Award RECIPIENTS

Dr. Sylvia Wilson Thomas
USF Tampa Faculty Award

Dr. Sylvia Wilson Thomas is currently an Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida and former Assistant Dean in the College of Engineering at USF. She holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Vanderbilt University, where she was a Patricia Roberts Harris Fellow. Dr. Thomas received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, was a NSF Materials Research Center of Excellence Fellow and was a National Science Foundation (NSF) research engineer in Korea at Chonbuk National University during her doctoral program. Dr. Thomas leads the Advanced Materials Bio and Integration Research (AMBIR) laboratory at USF. Her research and teaching endeavors are focused on advanced materials for alternative energy sources, sustainable environments, aerospace, and bio-applications from the micro to the nano scale. Her research explores the synthesis and device integration of inorganic and organic thin films and nanofibers. In addition to these efforts, Dr. Thomas is a motivational speaker/consultant for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, continued/graduate education, K-12 efforts, career transitioning, mentoring and professional development, and she provides inspirational lectures to community organizations and professional societies. She is also an advocate for women in engineering and serves on the inaugural Board of Directors for Black Girls Code and frequently speaks for Girls Scouts, the Great American Teach-In, and teacher and parent organizations.

Lindsey Rodriguez Headshot.jpg
Dr. Lindsey Rodriguez
USF St. Petersburg Faculty Award

Dr. Lindsey Rodriguez is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. She received her Ph.D. in 2014 from the University of Houston. Very generally, her research program focuses on how close relationship processes interact with addictive and other health-risk behaviors. This includes how concerned partners communicate their concern to their partner (with regard to addictive behaviors or communication patterns), how those in struggling relationships manage their stressors (relationship-related or otherwise), and how addiction, stressors, and relationship problems influence mental and physical health. The ultimate goal of her research is to find insightful, practical, cost-effective ways to help individuals who are struggling with any of these problems find constructive responses to them rather than with destructive responses such as drinking, gambling, or taking illicit substances. When Dr. Rodriguez isn’t engaging in research, she can be found outside — likely by a body of water — with likely her yellow lab Bentley.

Valerie Lipscomb Headshot.jpg
Dr. Valerie Lipscomb
USF Sarasota-Manatee Faculty Award

Dr. Valerie Lipscomb is an Associate Professor of English at the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee, where she teaches British and American literature. Her scholarship focuses on the performance of age in dramatic literature. In 2016, Palgrave Macmillan published her book, Performing Age in Modern Drama, the first monograph to examine age and aging as performance in contemporary plays. Her co-edited collection of essays, Staging Age: The Performance of Age in Theatre, Dance, and Film, also was published by Palgrave. Dr. Lipscomb’s articles have appeared in such journals as Modern Drama, Comparative Drama, the International Journal of Ageing and Later Life, and the Journal of Aging Studies. A native of Iowa, she earned a Ph.D. from USF Tampa with concentrations in modern literature and teaching composition. Dr. Lipscomb serves on the Executive Committee of the Modern Language Association’s Age Studies Forum and as Treasurer of the North American Network in Aging Studies.

Cheryl Vamos Headshot.jpg
Dr. Cheryl Vamos
Valerie D. Riddle, MD Award in Health

Dr. Cheryl Vamos is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community and Family Health and a Fellow with the Chiles Center for Women, Children and Families in the USF College of Public Health. Her research focuses on the translation of women’s health research into practice for providers and patients through employing health literacy, implementation science, and technology approaches. Past and current research projects have focused on family planning/contraception; prevention of HPV-associated outcomes; sexual and reproductive health literacy; prenatal oral health; and Maternal and Child Health (MCH) quality improvement projects. She has been the recipient of several internal and external grants to support her research Dr. Vamos is also committed to teaching, continuing education, and technical assistance activities. She serves as the Director of the MCH Pipeline Program, a 5-year training grant funded by the Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s/Health Resources and Services Administration (MCHB/HRSA), which aims to recruit, train and mentor undergraduate students from under-represented backgrounds who seek graduate training in a variety of health-related fields. She also serves as a Co-Investigator for the Center of Excellence in MCH Education, Practice and Science, a 5-year training grant, which aims to provide leadership training in MCH and promote health equity through an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach. She has disseminated her work at local, state, national and international conferences, in peer-reviewed scholarly journals, and to community stakeholders. Dr. Vamos is also active in institutional, professional and community service, such as serving on the Health Literacy Advisory Board for the Hillsborough County Health Department, and Co-Chairing the Perinatal and Women’s Health Committee within the American Public Health Association.

Giti Javidi Headshot.jpg
Dr. Giti Javidi
USF Junior Favulty Award

Dr. Giti Javidi received her B.S. degree from University of Central Oklahoma and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from University of South Florida, Tampa. A long-time advocate for in¬creasing participation and retention of women in STEM, Dr. Javidi has worked tirelessly on a number of projects in this domain for many years. She serves as an active member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) to increase girls’ and women’s meaningful participation in computing. Dr. Javidi is also a member of several other national organizations with the mission of advancing gender equity in STEM. At the national level, she has worked to develop new curricula and programs for computer science education with the goal of engaging a wider audience, particularly women and minorities. In the area of STEM education, Dr. Javidi’s research is focused on critical analysis of the issues related to biases and barriers to participation and success of minorities and women in STEM. Her work has been published in national and international journals and she has presented her work in significant venues, conferences and summits. Dr. Javidi has been the recipient of a number of prestigious Google, MSEIP (Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program), NSF (National Science Foundation) and NASA grants. In her first year at USF Sarasota-Manatee (USFSM), she was named a “Woman of Influence 2017” by Sarasota Magazine. Prior to joining USFSM’s Information Technology program, Dr. Javidi was a Professor of Computer Science at Virginia State University, where she played a pivotal role in developing and promoting a gender responsive pedagogy to recruit and retain girls in Computer Science.

Elizabeth Kicak Headshot.jpg
Liz Kicak
USF Instructor Award

Liz Kicak received her M.F.A. in Creative Writing from USF in 2011 with a focus on poetry. She has worked at the USF Humanities Institute for seven years and currently serves as the Institute’s Director. Additionally, she teaches courses in creative writing and literature for the Department of English. Her poetry often engages with issues of ecology and eco-feminism, exploring the dynamics between humans and their environments, the cultural tradition of nature as a site of spiritual refuge, and the roles of feminine and feminist identities in poetry. Her work has been published in over a dozen journals and magazines including the New York Quarterly, the Tulane Review and WomenArts Quarterly. Kicak is also a two-time Pushcart Prize nominee.